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Press Room

10 County Center Road
Suite 203, 2 nd Floor
White Plains, NY 10607
(914) 682 - 3926

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Newspaper Articles and Other Press

WILC tries to make a difference in the press. Here are some of our articles:

12/16: 60 Minutes Response

10/16:Medical Indemnity Fund Family Support

5/16: Support Real Property Tax Exemption

2/16: NHTD TBI Support for Assembly Bill

11/15: Lack of Accessible Housing Op-Ed

1/15: Community Integration Act

9/14: Community Choice Act

4/14: Voter Inclusion

5/12: Letter to The Journal Editor Geri Mariano

3/12: County Legislative Budget Hearing

3/11: State Rolls Back Voting Rights for Disabled

3/11: State Bill Will Roll Back Voting Rights

7/10: Source of Income Veto

7/09: Disabled Still Waiting Full Integration

11/08: Equal Access Campaign

2/06: Voters with Disabilities Still Not Being Served

6/05: Kendra's Law: Fear, Politics and Mental Illness

1/04: Private & Indenpendent Vote Overdue

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