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yponker's outreach office @ vive

Yonkers Outreach Office
Pathways to Success
75 Riverdale Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701

914-376-8600 (Voice)
914-259-8036 (VP/TTY)

WILC's Yonkers Outreach Office is located at The VIVE School - Yonkers Pathways to Success. The VIVE School offers a wide range of programs to learners across the generations from PreK students to senior citizens.

WILC's Minority Outreach, Partners for Success, and Educational Advocacy programs combine their efforts at this Office to outreach to a largely immigrant population facing cultural and language barriers and who are from economically disadvantaged households and considered to be at significant risk. Bi-lingual and ethnically diverse WILC staff members provide information and supports that will assist individuals with disabilities to better understand themselves and define and pursue a desired future, i.e., work, education, housing, etc. They provide 1) effective linkages to disability services, supportive employment services, health care, mental health treatment, and others; 2) support for adults/seniors, which focuses on their issues assimilating into the culture; and 3) assist parents of children with special needs to make informed decisions about educational rights, choices, responsibilities, and long-term outcomes. A special focus is placed on assisting and supporting youthful offenders and high-risk youth with disabilities who are at continuing risk of gang involvement. All services are provided in a culturally appropriate manner.

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