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Board of Directors

**Shelley Klein, President, member New York State Independent Living Council (NYSILC)

**Marna Solarsh, Secretary, Special Education Attorney

*Eddie McCAnn, Treasurer, Internal Revenue Service

*James Gelardi, Attorney

*Jennifer Johnson, ParaOlympian, Wheelchair Sports USA 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee

*Marilyn Johnson, Disability Advocate

*Richard Keller, Director of the Office for Disabled Students, Columbia University

*Frank Mastroianni, Retired, Vietnam War Veteran

*Lisa Ricci, Disability Advocate

Composition of Board of Directors: By law, 51% of the Board of Directors of a Center for Independent Living are required to be persons with disabilities. Currently, 78% of WILC's Board of Directors are persons with varying disabilities. The remainder of the Board are parents of children with disabilities. Board Members fall into the 23 - 54 and 55+ age categories.

* Person with a disability

** Parent of a child with a disability

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