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New York Rollin' KNICKS

Rollin' KNICKS with NWBA Championship Trophy

Head Coach Gerry Fleming and Assistant Coach Joe Bravo with NWBA Championship Trophy

Head Coach Gerry Fleming and Assistant Coach Joe Bravo congratulate each other after winning NWBA Championship

NY Rollin' KNICKS Win NWBA National Basketball Championship

The New York Rollin' KNICKS won the National Wheelchair Basketball Championship (NWBA) on Sunday, April 6, 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Heading into the National Tournament, the Rollin' KNICKS were seeded #2 in the country. In the first round on April 3rd, they played the Chicago Hornets (seeded #15). After winning that game, they advanced to the next round where on April 4th they played the San Diego Sabres (seeded #10 in the country). By beating the Sabres, the KNICKS made it to the Final 4. On Saturday April 5th, they played the #3 seeded team, the Milwaukee Wheelchair Bucks. The game was a close one, but the Rollin' KNICKS won, putting them in the playoffs against the #1 seed, the Dallas Wheelchair Mavericks, who were the NWBA Champs for the past 4 years.

Led by Patrick Anderson and David Eng (both Para-Olympian gold medalists), the Rollin' KNICKS beat the Mavericks 76 - 54 to become the 2014 NWBA Champs - ending Dallas' reign. The starting lineup included Chris St. Remy, Kevin Grant, and Faizool Ali, with assists by Fabrizio Shao, David Snowden, and Edwin Lopez. The Rollin' KNICKS coaching staff included Head Coach Gerard Fleming (past President of WILC's Board of Directors) and Assistant Coach Joe Bravo (Executive Director of WILC).

The road to the Championship began in November 2013, when the team rented 3 vans and drove 7 hours through a mild snow storm to Edinboro University in Erie, Pennsylvania. They won all 3 of their games at this tournament - an exciting start to the new season! In December, they traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia for their first tournament where they played only championship teams. Each team in the tournament was ranked in the top 15 in the country. The Rollin' KNICKS won all 4 of their games in Charlottesville.

In January 2014, the KNICKS traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to play against the West Coast Teams in the Championship Division. Right before this tournament, the National Rankings came out and the Rollin' KNICKS were ranked 3rd in the country. They won all 4 of their games in this tournament, as well. They were 14-0 at this point. The next weekend, the team headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They went to Milwaukee to play the Milwaukee Wheelchair Bucks who were ranked #2. Head coach Gerry Fleming felt it was important for the team to play a team that was ranked above them. One of the games went into 2 overtimes, but the KNICKS prevailed and won all 4 of their games. And, got home in enough time to watch the Super Bowl.

Next the team headed to Orlando where they beat Chicago, Orlando, and Atlanta. Still undefeated, the Rollin' KNICKS finished up their regular season in the beginning of March with a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Again, they won all of their games. They finished the season ranked #2 in the country with a record of 37-0.

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