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Ombudsman Program

WILC is the lead agency for the New York State Ombudsman Program in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties. The program is an effective advocate and resource for older adults and persons with disabilities who live in nursing homes, assisted living and other licensed adult care homes.

What is an Ombudsman?

An Ombudsman is a state certified volunteer with legal access to nursing homes, adult homes and assisted living facilities who helps residents, family and caregivers understand and exercise their rights to good care in an environment that promotes and protects their dignity and their quality of life.

The program advocates for residents in many ways including:

  • investigating and resolving complaints made by or on behalf of residents;
  • promoting the development of resident and family councils;
  • informing government agencies, providers and the general public about issues and concerns impacting residents of long-term care facilities.

At the heart of the program is its local volunteers, Ombudsmen, who receive 36 hours of training to do this work. After certification and assignment to a facility the Ombudsman works with the staff at WILC for support and supervision. Ongoing training is provided throughout the year.

For information on the program and how to work with an Ombudsman, or for information on becoming an Ombudsman contact Gabriel Felix at 914-682-3926 x211. Email questions on the Ombudsman Program here.

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